Incontinence Pants

Incontinence pants

They are a combination of the traditional diaper and the large shaped pad worn with fixation pants: incontinence pants, also known as pull-ups.

The handling of the pants is easy: Users put them up like regular underwear, no manual adjustments needed. Thanks to its discreet and slim fit, incontinent women and men using these products can live an active life. The ergonomically shaped pants allow them to forget they are wearing anything else than a regular slip.

The breathable material prevents sweating and several barriers help to maintain a dry skin sensation. When it’s time to change the pants, you can easily rip it open on the sides and dispose it. In contrary to large shaped pads, which must be used together with mesh or fixations pants, pull up pants are an all-in-one item. For your information: Most products in our online shop are unisex, but we also offer items especially designed for men and women.

Advantages of incontinence pants:

  • supports mobile and active people with urinary or fecal incontinence discreetly
  • wearing them instead of diapers for adults appears to be more dignified
  • the disposable underwear is easy to handle
  • users can rip the sides open and dispose the item after usage
  • specially designed products focus on the anatomical differences between men and women

Whom are incontinence pants designed for?

For mobile adults dealing with little up to big problems to control their bladder or bowel movement, pants are the ideal incontinent supply! They can be easily pushed down and pulled up again.

For men

Nowadays, manufacturers produce some pants that are exclusively for men. They have a different shape than products for women, and sometimes are offered with different designs. Besides the classic white pants our shop, as well, offers items in different colors or striped ones. They look in no way inferior to regular underwear. Due to anatomical characteristics of men, the absorbent core of those products designed especially for men, is located in the front.

For women

Whether they are black and look elegant or are designed with a beautiful pattern: In the 21st century incontinence pants for women neither have to be white, nor look like medical devices anymore. Manufacturers that are not only selling unisex products emphasize with the importance for women of a low waistband. It provides more femininity and dignity for the users and gives them the feeling of wearing regular underwear.

Our FAQs about incontinence pants:

How do I wear incontinence pants?

Just slip into the pants, pull them up and that’s it. These incontinence products are put on just like regular cloths. It appears to need a little bit more effort to exchange pants though compared to pads or large shaped pads. Although you can just rip the pants open and dispose them, you must undress to put on a new one.

What does my insurance cover?

In Germany: If you’ve got a prescription for incontinence products from a doctor, the insurance usually pays for a basic supply with incontinence pads, diapers, large shaped pads, pants and fixation pants. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

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