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A big variety of incontinence products for a good life

Colon cancer surgery, giving birth, dementia, bladder stones, many years of life: There are plenty of reasons that can cause incontinence. Anyone recognizing the sphincter muscle of their bladder or bowel is not working as it used to, may become desperate. Those affected often start to socially isolate themselves. Until now urinary and faecal incontinence are still topics nobody feels confident to talk about, although in Germany about ten million people are dealing with these symptoms. When men and women talk about this topic with their doctors at an early stage, therapy options do exist.

While isolation causes even bigger problems, Citycare24 wants to be part of the solution and offers products that make life easier for anyone dealing with incontinence, so they do not have to live isolated from society.

Take your chance!

Our wide selection is divided into absorbent and discharging/draining incontinence material. The following articles belong to the first group:

Absorbent products can make life easier for anyone without control over their bladder or bowel movement. Before starting to look for products, the exact problem should be known/ diagnosed. Do you lose single drops of urine or a little bit of intestinal mucus during the day? Or do bladder or bowel empty completely uncontrolled? If the latter is the case, incontinence pads are not the product you should use. Instead, you should have a look at large shaped pads, diapers or pants. The description and level of absorbency written on the packaging by the manufacturer can give you an idea of whether the product might be a fit for you. But: The same products of different brands are not 100 percent comparable with each other, because each manufacturer got their own system of classification. To get a realistic overview and find the product that matches all your criteria, we invite you to order our box of free samples.

For customers looking for discharging/draining incontinence products we offer catheters, catheter bags and urinal bottles. These kinds of products should exclusively be used for urinary incontinence. Anyone dealing with faecal incontinence should look at the anal tampons and items for anal irrigation within this category. For children we also offer special support, among others, the Klingelhose® by Stero, which prevents its users from wetting their bad while sleeping.

Incontinence products for women

Due to the anatomical differences between men and women, products which are especially designed for the female body do exist – like incontinence pads and some pants. Manufacturers offer products in special shapes that are more comfortable to wear for women. With a focus on a discreet fit and with appealing patterns incontinence slips are hardly distinguishable from regular underwear.

Incontinence products for men

The urinal condom, for example, is an incontinence product especially designed for men. It is put on like a regular condom and through a hole on the tip the urine can drain into a bag which can be attached to one leg. Furthermore, there are pants looking like regular underwear for man, which have their core of absorbtion in front.

Our FAQs about incontinence supplies:

What kind of incontinence products do exist?

There is a big variety of products and options – like there is among the users of those items. The supplies are divided in absorbent and discharging/draining products. Diapers, large shaped pads, incontinence pads and pants belong to the first group; they absorb urine and stool. Whereas, catheters and urinal condoms drain urine. Citycare24 also offers bed pads, onesies or bodies, the Klingelhose, skin care products, swimwear, underwear and more. We invite you to browse through our website and look at all the options we offer.

In case you couldn't find the product you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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