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Urine Bag Holders

Urine bag holders – a comfortable solution for bed and leg

To get them out of their way, users of catheters can secure their urine bag where it´s most comfortable and practical. According to their need they can use a urine bag holder either for their leg or for the bed.

Urine bag holders for legs

Holders for leg bags provide a fastening underneath someone’s clothes. They are made of fabric and therefore mostly washable. Products for legs are flexible. That’s why they ensure their users a maximum freedom of movement. The elastic material doesn’t obstruct the blood supply.

These items can be worn on the right or the left thigh or even the lower leg – depending on the preferences of the user. The way the urine bag holders are fastened, differs: There are leg bag holders with velcro, some with buttons and fixation stockings, cuffs or one-legged shorts.

Urine bag holders for beds

The bags designed to be attached to beds have a bigger capacity than bags for legs. That’s why they are often used for nights and for bedridden people. With a holder, that is mostly made of plastic or metal, the urine bag can be placed where nursing staff and caring relatives can check on the bag right away.


  • holders for leg bags are comfortable to wear
  • they can easily be placed underneath clothes
  • flexible and discreet
  • the elastic material doesn’t impede the blood flow
  • can be adjusted individually
  • holders for beds fix urine bags in a sturdy way for the night
  • bed holders ensure that nurses can check on the urine right away

Our FAQs about urine bag holders:

Who uses urine bags?

Urine bags can be fastened in different ways. Depending on whether a person is in need for care or not, she or he can use fixation straps or stockings as well as a holder for the bed.

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