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Base Plates

What's the purpose of base plates in stoma care?

People with artificial bowel or bladder outlets rely on base plates. These mostly round shaped accessories are the connector between body and stoma bag. Additionally, they protect the peristomal skin from excrements. Since there are different kinds of ostomy applications, base plates exist in different shapes:

  • flat plates lay flat on the skin of the user
  • convex base plates are made for men and women whose stoma is below skin level
  • concave products are ideal for people with an outlet that is located on a round part of their body (for example in a case of an abdominal wall hernia)

Some products have a pre- punched opening to connect to the ileostomy, urostomy or colostomy, while others are designed cut-to-fit.

Our FAQs about base plates:

How often should a base plate be changed?

A stoma base plate should be replaced every three days on avarage. Shorter intervals could cause skin irritation.

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