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Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating gloves – gentle cleaning for your skin

Disposable wash gloves are the perfect choice for gentle skin care. We offer dry products, wet ones, some are unscented, antiseptic or already contain active ingredients like panthenol or aloe vera. Thanks to this variety, you’ll find the right one for every skin type, for sure!

Advantages of exfoliating gloves:

  • they are made of tear-resistant material
  • they are soft and gentle
  • even usable with sensitive skin
  • we offer dry products on which you can apply water and care products, as well, as wet ones
  • some items are unscented
  • others are antiseptic
  • also, there are gloves with active ingredients like panthenol or aloe vera

Whom are disposable washcloths made for?

These special wash gloves can be used by anyone. Especially, they are practical for the body care of patients in hospitals, for someone bedridden and for babies or toddlers. Products for the latter ones don’t have to be washed off with water afterwards. Therefore, the gloves made of fleece and cellulose are practical to be taken on the road.

Our FAQs about exfoliating gloves:

Are wash gloves hygienic?

Disposable wash gloves are single- use products. That’s why they are the more hygienic alternative to regular washcloths. Whilst regular washcloths are a breeding ground for pathogens and bacteria – due to several contacts with water and the human body – products that are disposed after one single usage cannot get contaminated.

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