Stoma Belts and Wraps

Stoma wraps and belts to support for your artificial outlet

A stoma is an alien object attached to your body – but it doesn’t have to feel like one. To counteract this feeling and to support the abdominal wall, people with an artificial bowel or bladder outlet can use stoma belts and wraps.

Belts like the one called Brava by Coloplast put pressure on convex baseplates (under skin level). The plate and the ends of the belt are connected. This ensures its users more safety, because only a well attached stoma doesn’t leak. On the other hand: Too much pressure can damage the tissue. Therefore, anyone interested in a stoma belt should get professional advice before buying one.

Stoma wraps often fixate the bag too and support the muscles of the abdominal wall. This can be a huge advantage – especially after surgeries or during physical efforts like sports or working in the garden. People with weak muscle strings risk a hernia. Intestines and peritoneum can emerge through this rupture of tissue and form big lumps under the skin. For men and women who already have a hernia, a wrap can manage to make it feel less heavy. Another advantage of stoma wraps: Many of these articles hide the artificial outlet – base plate as well as bag.

Different types and materials

Fixation belts generally are made of soft material and are adjustable to different body shapes. Anyone looking for such a product must make sure that it is suitable for their base plate, since different brands use different attachment points.

Regular elastic material, neoprene or even lace: When it comes to wraps you have the choice. In everyday life regular fabric is probably the most practical solution. Stoma wraps made of neoprene are ideal for swimming. At the beach they protect you from curious eyes and your outlet from water. Some products have an extra bag for your stoma bag. And the wraps made of lace – well, you know best when to wear them.

Our FAQs about stoma belts and wraps:

When do you use a supporting belt?

Anyone with an artificial outlet of their bowel or bladder who is looking for more safety, buy stoma belts. Ladies as well as men can fixate the base plates of their stoma better. The belt prevents leakages, because when having a convex outlet, it puts pressure on the base plate.

Can I use my wrap for swimming?

Neoprene wraps are made for this exact purpose. They don’t suck up water and dry quickly again. Other fabrics react like normal clothes: After being exposed to the water they remain wet for a while.

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