Medical Tapes

Medical tapes: sticky, small and very useful

Most people use medical tape at some point in their life. Unrolled from plastic or metal rings physicians may use it to fixate dressings. The tearable, white or light skin colored tapes can also be used to attach compresses to someone wounded, which is why tattoo studios use those products a lot as well. A new tattoo has to be protected from dust and other kinds of dirt, because the process of tattooing creates a wound on the skin. Tattoo artists cover their pieces with plastic wrap, which stays in place due to the medical tape. Some of the products you can find in the online shop of Citycare24 are named Leukofix or Leukosilk, of which some are even water-resistant.

These tape bands are not only practical because you can cut or tear them individually for your purpose. Another advantage is that most of their packaging have a cover. It can be put over the tape ring and prevents dirt from sticking to the adhesive edges.

Our FAQs about medical tapes:

What is medical tape used for?

It is often used to fixate bandages or compresses or other kinds of wound dressings without skin glue. The tape also prevents plastic wrap from slipping away from new tattoos.

Are there medical tapes with wound dressing already included?

No. There are some endless adhesive bandages you can cut onto the size you need. But medical tapes don’t include wound dressings.

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