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Bedding Protection

Bedding protection: Products which speak for themselves

People with no control of their sphincter or sphincters run the risk to wake up in a dirty bed at night. Urine or feces might leak. Women, who recently gave birth can lose blood while sleeping. And children doing potty training might sleep so deeply that they don’t recognize their bladder’s urge.

Smart bedding protection can prevent the blanket or even the mattress get dirty. Different products keep away urine, feces and blood. They allow affected people to fall asleep carefreely and can shrink the effort – if something happens – to a minimum.

In the online shop of Citycare24 you can buy the following:

  • bed pads (disposable as well as washable ones)
  • blankets and duvet covers
  • incontinence seat covers
  • water resistant protective bed sheets
  • more products protecting mattresses

In case you couldn't find the product, you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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