Patient Gowns

Patient gowns for men and women

Patient gowns aren’t only beneficial for those caring for others. They also serve the men and women being taken care of. How? This win-win situation is easy to explain. Furthermore, these gowns cover their private parts during medical examinations. Another advantage for nurses and caring relatives is the fact that it’s easy to dress and undress men and women wearing patient gowns. That way they can quickly reach and change incontinence pads, diapers or other incontinence materials. To sum it up: Patient gowns ease care processes.

Special features of functional patient gowns

The items we are talking about have an opening at the back and are tied together overlapping on the part of the neck and the hips. There are products with short sleeves and long sleeves. Additionally, men and women being taken care of can wear special bodysuits or incontinence underwear which are also offered in our Citycare24 shop.

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