High Calorie Drinks

Ready-made high calorie drinks

A balanced diet is important at any age. However, in certain circumstances some people are not getting enough carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals through their regular nutrition. This can be caused by advanced age of a person, an illness or that he or she is limited due to a surgery or an accident. To protect anyone from malnutrition or to better their current situation, physicians recommend high calorie drinks. Some athletes with an especially high demand of energy or the desire to build more muscles supplement their nutrition plan with these products.

High calorie drinks by Fresubin, that are offered in the Citycare24 online shop, cover a significant part of the daily nutritional demand of its consumers. Tailored to your demands, these products will provide exactly what you need and therefore boosts your energy. We offer those high calorie supplements in a selection of different tastes, which can come in neutral flavor, or alternatively also in savory or sweet. Some of the bottles don’t even contain gluten or lactose.

What are the advantages of drinkable food?

These handy portions have it all: They contain an individually tailored mixture of nutrients. This supplementary food is durable and mostly doesn’t have to be prepared before it’s consumed. High calorie drinks strengthen the immune system, support the metabolism, help to gain more weight or to build muscles.

Whom are these drinks invented for?

Drinks with plenty of calories are an ideal supplement for people, who…

  • are malnourished or close to suffer from malnutrition
  • are not able to ingest enough solid food and drinks or who have problems swallowing
  • do have cancer, suffer from a bowel disease or have problems with their metabolism
  • have chronic diseases or diabetes
  • are elderly people without appetite
  • are athletes needing more energy or want to build more muscles

Our FAQs about high calorie drinks

What is a high calorie drink?

Small, but mighty: Drinkable food reminds of little milk shakes and concentrates lots of nutrients within itself. You can get these drinks with flavors like chocolate, lemon, cappuccino, asparagus, or neutral and with different ingredients. Everybody gets exactly the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals she or he needs.

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