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Examination Gloves

Examination gloves

Hardly any sector depends on examination gloves as much as the health sector does. Nurses, the staff of nursing homes and anyone looking after a relative relies on those products. They protect users from bacteria and germs. Besides, gloves are indispensable in the food industry, in cleaning companies and tattoo studios.

Examination gloves are made from different materials, for example vinyl, latex, nitrile or copolymers. The elasticity and the sensations in the finger tips are determined by the material. Vinyl and copolymer gloves are not as tear-resistant as others but are less expensive. They are ideal for short-term use. Latex is an extract from the caoutchouc tree and very flexible, but some people are allergic to this material. Hence, nitrile, synthetic caoutchouc, is so popular. It is less stretchable than latex, but the sensations are similar. Women and men with sweaty hands can put on powdered gloves quicker than others. However, the dust can irritate the airways and cause skin allergies.

Disposable sterile medical gloves are produced for surgeries and contacts with wounds. If someone must wash another person, the non-sterile ones are enough. You don’t like transparent or whitish gloves? Recently, all above mentioned products became very popular in black.


  • depending on the product they are suitable for hospitals, medical practices, the food industry, hair salons and tattoo studios
  • gloves protect users from direct contact with chemicals, bacteria and germs
  • they are thinner than reusable gloves, which makes the sensation in the finger tips better
  • no need to waste time by cleaning the cloves, since these are single- use products that are disposed after usage

Our FAQs about examination gloves:

How long can I wear disposable medical gloves?

These gloves should be worn as long as the examination or the care process of the patient takes. The Robert Koch Institute, a German federal government agency and research institute for disease control and prevention, advises to disinfect your hands after using the gloves. There is a risk of small perforations, which are not visible. Generally, gloves should not be worn permanently, because of heat accumulation and sweat, which softens the skin. This weakens its protection and makes it more vulnerable for pathogens. Note: Even if you use examination gloves most of the time of your work day you should regularly wash your hands in between.

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