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Stoma Bags

The ideal stoma bag for your needs

An artificial bowel or bladder outlet can be the consequence of a chronically ignited bowel or bladder cancer. People who suffer from severe illnesses like these must undergo surgery to get the artificial outlet. Afterwards, stoma bags and base plates, that are attached to their bodies, play an important role in their lives.

One option is a one-piece system where the base plate and the bag are a fixed unit. For some users that appears to be more hygienic than the system consisting of two pieces, which does however have the advantage that the base plate can stay attached to the body for three days on average. Meanwhile, users can replace the bag regardless of the plate. This prevents the skin from being irritated. Which system is ideal for you is also determined by the kind of artificial outlet you have.

Types of stoma

There are three different types of stomas:

  1. colostomais an outlet of the large intestine
  2. you have an ileostoma when your small intestine is connected with the outer abdominal wall
  3. an artificial outlet of the bladder is called urostoma

Depending on which stoma you have, the type of bag differs. Closed bags are ideal for men and women with a colostoma. They are disposable items. As soon as they are filled with firm stool, they must be replaced. Open stoma bags are used for adults and children with ileostomas. Those kinds of pouches are drainable. Usually, they are used to collect liquid and soft stool, that exits the small bowel irregularly. If you would normally use a closed bag but are on vacation or don’t have the chance to replace your stoma bag at work, you should think about using a drainable one.

There are special products for people with an urostoma. Those pouches have a tap or a plug, so urine can be drained regularly. To sleep well and without interruption, users connect their stoma bag to a urine bag at night.

A backstop prevents the urine from flowing into the wrong direction. Pouches for the bowel have got an activated carbon filter, so air can escape odorless.

Our FAQs about stoma bags

What is a stoma pouch?

Stomas are connections between the bowel or the bladder and the outer surface of the abdomen. People get these via an operation when illnesses like Morbus Crohn or bladder cancer make it unbearable or impossible to use the toilet in a common way. For the artificial outlets, special bags and base plates are needed. All-in-one-systems exist as well as two separate products that must put together.

How often does the stoma has to be replaced?

Base plates can stay attached to your body three days on average. The bags must be changed more often. Users should pay attention to whether the plate sticks firmly to the skin or if it starts to feel uncomfortable. This also indicates a necessary replacement.

How often does the pouch need to be emptied?

There is no general answer to that question. Colostomy bags should be replaced as soon as they are half-full of stool. Drainable pouches and those for urostomy should be emptied as needed.

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