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Urine Bags

Urine bags – an important tool in incontinence care

Besides diapers and large shaped pads, which absorb urine, there are also systems consisting of catheters and urine bags. They drain the urine directly from the bladder via the urethra. It’s collected in a bag, that is attached to the bed or one leg of its user – depending on whether the person is bedridden or mobile. Urine bags are transparent, which helps medical staff and caring relatives to see right away if something is not as it is supposed to be or if the bag is full.

These products in our shop have backstops, which minimizes the risk of infections. The tubes are made of special material that prevent kinks and therefore urine stasis. A valve facilitates the extraction of body fluid to examine it for diseases. Urine bags come in different sizes but are produced in unisex design.

Who uses urine bags?

Primarily, urine bags are used for home care and in hospitals. Leg bags are ideal for mobile people, who enjoy their independency. Retaining straps/bands help to attach the urine bag to the body. Bed bags are mostly used ad night and for bedridden women and men. Some products can be attached to the bed as well as to the leg. In our online shop you can also find urine bag holder.

Our FAQs about urine bags:

How does a urine bag work?

A catheter drains the urine directly from the bladder via a plastic tube. The urine bag collects the urine and other body fluids. When the urine bag is full or expired it must be replaced. Men can also combine a urine bag with a urinal condom, which is put on the penis like a regular condom.

How often do I have to change the urine bag?

That depends on the model. There are leg bags as well as bed bags that must be changed every day, while others last for up to two weeks. Bags of this type have outlets to drain them.

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