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Wound Irrigation and Cleaning

Wound irrigation solutions create ideal conditions for rapid healing

Wound irrigation solutions were invented to ensure that once seriously injured tissue recovers or does not become inflamed. These products are used to remove the wound coating - a mixture of blood, cell debris and protein, among other things - and to keep the affected area of the body moist. The irrigation solution thus creates optimum conditions for rapid healing. It is also an ideal treatment for chronic injuries and burns. If necessary, you can warm the solution up to body temperature before using it.

As well as fully liquid wound irrigation solutions, we also supply wound gels, such as the B.Braun Prontosan range. Gels work in the same way as solutions, but their consistency makes them ideal for treating body parts where liquids would not stick at all, such as a pressure ulcer on the heel.

Our FAQs about wound irrigation solutions:

What is covered by health insurances?

Wound irrigation solutions are not generally covered by health insurances and are therefore not reimbursable. This means that you have to bear the costs yourself - even if your doctor has filled a prescription.

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