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Urinal Condoms

Urinal condom – a reliable alternative for men

The urinal condom has not been invented to protect its users from sexually transmittable infections or unplanned paternity. Instead, it has been designed to drain urine. Adhesive tapes or skin glue secure its position on the penis. A hole at the tip allows the urine to drain into a bag, which is strapped to one leg of its user. It allows mobile incontinent men, who wear a leg bag, to have an active life. The condom replaces absorbent products like diapers or pads. Men who handle their mild incontinence well during daytime but want to sleep carefree at night can rely on a urinal condom too. In recent years athletes also discovered the advantages of this product.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of the urinal condom is that it’s not risky to wear (using a catheter involves a risk of infection) while it‘s also easy to use. No medical guidance is needed to put it on. Compared to diapers or other absorbent products the urinal condom, mostly, gives it´s user a pleasant-to-wear sensation. Depending on the model, the product can be used for 24 or even 48 hours until it must be replaced.

However, not every man can use a urinal condom. For those who have a buried penis for example it is impossible to use them. Also, the skin glue can cause irritations and some users sense pressure on their genitals. If this is the case for you, please check the big variety of absorbent products like pants, large shaped pads and diapers in our Citycare24 online shop.

Whom are urinal condoms designed for?

Incontinent men, who are searching for an alternative for diapers, pants and pads may check out urinal condoms! Also, paragliders and divers, whose wet suit would lose its isolation if they would urinate inside it, rely on those incontinence products.

Our FAQs about urinal condoms

How long can a urinal condom be worn?

Some products must be replaced after one day, while others can be worn for two days before being disposed. Only few manufacturers offer reusable products.

How does a urinal condom work?

It gets unrolled over the penis like a regular condom. The drained urine is collected in a bag connected to the condom. This product belongs to the category of draining or discharging incontinence products.

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