Belted Pads

Belted pads

If incontinence pants are not the right choice for you or you don’t like large shaped pads together with mesh pants, you should take a closer look at belted pads, that are basically a combination of pants and the two-piece system mentioned above. The waistband or belt with adhesive strips is permanently attached to the large shaped pad, which makes it easier to be changed compared to pants, for example. Due to the belt, products of this kind can be adjusted ideally to the body. It also guarantees a perfect fit of the incontinence device. The resealable adhesive strips make it possible to push the belted pad down and pull it up again when the person wearing it wants to use a regular toilet; just like regular underwear. The slim shape of the waistband allows users more mobility than they would have, wearing a diaper. Furthermore, it prevents heat accumulation. That’s why belted pads are ideal for summer.

Advantages at a glance:

  • enables women and men to maintain their independence
  • replace the item is not as complicated as it’s for users of pants
  • less skin contact compared to diapers
  • the belt allows optimal support and individual adjustment at the same time

Whom are belted pads made for?

Pads with belts are designed for mobile people, who can change their incontinence supply independently or with little help. These items ensure users a certain freedom and a self-determined life with incontinence. However, also bedridden men and women can benefit from the products Citycare24 offers in this segment.

A wetness indicator tells caregivers and nursing staff right away if it’s time to change the belted pad. Besides, the person being cared for doesn’t have to be moved a lot during the changing process.

Our FAQs about belted pads:

How do I know if belted pads are the right product for me?

If you need freedom to move, but at the same time want the protection of incontinence pants or a diaper, belted pads is the right choice for you. Therefore, it makes no difference if you are mobile or bedridden. A great variety of people with urinary or fecal incontinence benefit from products in this segment.

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