Rubber & PVC Pants

Slips made of PVC and PU

They deliver as promised: Anyone using slips made of the materials PU (Polyurethane) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) play it safe. Is the capacity of the large shaped pad exceeded or does the diaper not exactly sit where it should be, this special underwear prevents urine and stool to stain your clothes or sheets. These products only differ on one characteristic of their materials; while the material PU is breathable, PVC is not breathable (can be an advantage if you suffer from fecal incontinence). Partly adjustable rubber around hips and legs provide security. Products with additional buttons are often used in nursing homes, where mostly immobile and bedridden residents live. Most of the rubber slips or protective slips can be washed in a washing machine. In the past, similar items were used as cover- pants for cloth diapers and were made from the caoutchouc plant and latex, which is why the expression rubber slip is still used synonymously.

Whom are PVC slips made for?

This type of special underwear is made for anyone dealing with light up to high level of incontinence. PU and PVC slips can make everyday´s life of mobile and immobile adults and children easier, as well as for the ones taking care of someone incontinent. Worn above absorbent incontinence products the slips avoid leakages.

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