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Bedwetting Alarm Solutions

Klingelhosen: the incontinence product for children

If your child is younger than five years old and wets his or her bed once or twice a week, don’t worry: Therapy isn´t needed yet. Later – and if physical reasons are excluded – the Klingelhose could be the right choice of training device to avoid wet sheets and mattresses.


  • helps children to get control over their bladder at night
  • is reusable (washable at up to 60 degrees)
  • you can put it in the dryer

How does it work?

In our online shop we offer the Klingelhose® by Stero. Since 1964, the manufacturer works successfully with this kind of treatment. Users of the system wear a slip at night which is connected to sensors. As soon as they detect fluids, its electric circuit closes, and an alarm goes off. It’s supposed to wake up the child and make it go to the toilet. A magnet stops the sound. By using the Klingelhose the girl or boy learns to recognize the urge of its bladder – even while sleeping. If everything works out as planned, soon the child wakes up in time before the bell rings.

Citycare24 offers two versions of the product: One is connected with the sound box via strap. It is supposed to be attached to the pajamas. The other one transmits the signal by sending radio waves, so it’s wireless. The alarm is located close to the bed.

After changing the Klingelhose, the boy or girl can continue to sleep. These special slips are washable at up to 60 degrees (Celsius) and you can put them into the dryer. Usually, your health insurance covers this product.

Our FAQs about bedwetting alarm solutions:

How does the Klingelhose work?

Sensors in this special slip detect urine and set off an alarm. The sound is supposed to wake up the children wearing the Klingelhose which makes them want to go to the toilet.

How long does it take until the user doesn’t wet his or her bed anymore?

We don’t have a general answer to this question. In some cases, children wake up in time after a few nights. In other cases, it takes weeks.

Can I combine the Klingelhose with a regular diaper?

If you want to you can make your child wear pants or a diaper over this product, which avoids a wet bed even if the little sleepyhead doesn’t wake up from the alarm. If you decide to not use a diaper, you should put a bed pad on top of the mattress.

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