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Diaper Pail

Diaper pail for incontinence products

Even if the inner part of every diaper, incontinence pad, pants and large shaped pad absorbs odors, after collecting a few used incontinence products they start smelling unpleasantly. The easiest and most hygenic solution for this problem is the diaper pail from Janibell. In our Citycare24 online shop you can find two versions: Akord and Akord Slim. The double seal system encloses all odors and therefore, keeps the room air fresh. Additionally, the system works with perfumed endless tubular bags. According to the manufacturer, those bags consist of 20 percent recycled material, don´t contain latex and are stretchable as well as tear resistant. The slim version of the diaper pail can accomodate up to 26 liters of waste which is according to Janibell enough for 24 adults diapers. The bigger version is able to accomodate even up to 41 liters. The lid can be opened freehand by just stepping on the foot pedal. Due to its discreet, round shaped design and its colors, this diaper pail appears to almost be invisable in most common bathrooms.


  • inconspicious design
  • due to its double sealed system unpleasant smells are locked away
  • 26 or 41 liters of capacity
  • the endless tubular bags prevent additional waste

Who should buy a diaper pail?

We recommend women and men to buy a diaper pail if they use incontinence products themselves or are taking care of a relative at home, because nobody wants to go out to dispose every single diaper. Shopping malls, nursing homes and kindergardens can benefit from buying this special bins too. All these locations have to handle a big amount of diapers each day and that’s why a system that locks away odors is a must have.

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