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Compression Dressing

Compression dressings get blood and water up to speed

People who suffer from water in their legs (edema) live better with them; also, men and women with varicose veins and the therefore often increasing risk of thrombosis, those with a chronic venous insufficiency and the ones with leg ulcers as well: Let’s talk about compression dressings. These special wraps help men and women with vein diseases to push their weak tissue back into its normal position. Therefore, the blood in the legs can make its way back to the heart a lot faster. Thanks to the pressure also water can flow off.

Caregivers, physicians and nurses often use special techniques to put their patients the compression dressings on. In German the most common ones are called Putter, Fischer, and Kornaehre. For Puetter first of all a bandage is wrapped from the foot up to the knee. The one putting it starts to roll the elastic tissue with some pull from the inside to the outside. In the end the bandage will be fixated. In a second step a counter-rotating dressing is placed from the foot up the leg.

A Fischer bandage consists only of one compression dressing that is rolled around the leg. Using the Kornaehre technique the bandage is placed like you would draw the number eight over and over again.

What’s the difference compared to compression stockings?

Compression stockings are likely to be more comfortable to wear. The material distributes the pressure evenly. However, stockings can only prevent your legs from swelling. If you already got too much blood or water in your extremities, only compression dressings can help them to decongest.

Do not use compression bandages if…

When it causes you pain to wear a compression bandage, because it cuts into your flesh, or it squeezes off something, you should not wear it any longer. Besides, there are contraindications for the usage of those wraps: a serious weakness of the heart muscle, a septic inflammation of the veins, circulatory disorders as well as some side effects of diabetes.

Our FAQs about compression dressing:

How do I put on a compression dressing?

One of the basic rules is that the bandage should not have any wrinkles, because they can be very uncomfortable for the person wearing the dressing. To prevent irritation of the skin, pressure points and squeezed off parts an underpadding can be useful. You can buy it as well as the dressing in our Citycare24 online shop.

The origin of compression is the Latin word compressio – means to squeeze in this context. Therefore, the crucial part of this therapy is to put evenly pressure on the leg. The dressing is unrolled from the foot up to the knee or even further and in the manner, the physician decided to use. Generally only people, who know what they are doing, should place compression dressings. Otherwise, a bandage can harm you more than it helps you.

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