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Nighttime Incontinence Products

Nighttime incontinence products

You don't have to be a prophet to know this: If the night is bad, the day will usually be bad too. If nocturnal incontinence is a factor in your life that is robbing you of sleep, we can help with our high-quality products. Incontinence pads specially designed for the night are sometimes longer and wider than those for daytime use. Pants have additional leakage barriers and provide all-round protection. And that's a good thing, because most people do not sleep while standing. Since nobody wants to get up at night more often than absolutely necessary, extra-large shaped pads are also a good way of preventing wet sheets. They absorb a lot of liquid, so you can wear them longer than other products. You can also protect your mattress from urine - better safe than sorry - with bed pads. We offer disposable products in this segment as well as washable and therefore reusable bed pads.

Our FAQs about nocturnal incontinence products:

Are there diapers that are specially designed for the night?

Yes, there are. They are characterized by particularly high absorbency and therefore do not need to be changed as often as diapers for daytime use. This not only offers advantages for bedtime, but is also practical when traveling if a diaper change is not possible for a longer period of time.

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