Incontinence Clothing

Practical clothing for a carefree life with incontinence

Functional clothes can look good and improve the life of its users at the same time. In our online shop, for example, we offer swim suits and shorts, which are especially designed for people dealing with incontinence that are optically hardly to distinct from regular swim wear. Manufacturers of incontinence underwear follow the looks of regular slips for their products. Even rubber and PVC slips can be bought in multiple colors, not only in white.

Bodysuits and jumpsuits that belong to the care clothing segment and can be purchased in our shop, make it easier to dress and undress people facing physical and cognitive limitations. We also offer them in different colors and with beautiful patterns. Daily living aids like bibs avoid additional changes of clothes which enables nurses to fulfill their schedule of care processes as planned.

Which features are important to consider before buying incontinence wear?

It should be easy for its user to put them on or relatives should not have any difficulties to dress the person they care for, respectively. The clothes offer wide openings and make it easy to change diapers, large shaped pads or other incontinence material. If applicable, they should be absorbent – like slips with integrated incontinence pads, for example. Cuffs and waistbands should be as wide as possible and as narrow as necessary.

Our FAQs about incontinence clothing:

Which kind of clothing is useful for an incontinent person?

It depends on whether the user is mobile or impaired. If somebody is independent, active and incontinent, he or she possibly will be interested mainly in the incontinence underwear and swim wear. Bedbound people on the other hand could benefit from our full range of incontinence care wear, such as bodysuits and jumpsuits.

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