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Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads for women and men

Pads are the smallest incontinence aids offered in the Citycare24 online shop. They appear like regular pantyliners and are fixed by adhesive tape. You can place them in regular underwear – unlike large shaped pads. The big sister of the incontinence pad must be worn together with mesh or fixation pants and does not have adhesive tape. Extra-thin incontinence pads provide more flexibility and comfort for their users in everyday life, even while doing sports. The absorbent surface quickly transfers fluids into the core of the product and encloses odors. Incontinent pads are made of breathable material. Only a few products on the market are washable and therefore reusable.


  • fits into any pocket
  • an adhesive tape holds it right where it belongs
  • you can change it easily
  • thanks to its slim design, incontinence pads are discreet
  • breathable material
  • for people with mild or moderate urinary incontinence, pads make it easier to have an active everyday life (if you are dealing with heavy incontinence, you should look at large shaped pads)

Whom are pads designed for?

They are the perfect choice for men and women who lose single drops of urine, but do not want to be hindered from an active life. They are also the ideal product if you lose urine while sneezing, laughing of coughing. In a nutshell: Anyone with mild or moderate urinary incontinence should order pads. These products are discreet as they are not visible under trousers or skirts. Good to know: The more a product can absorb, the bulkier it is.

Our FAQs about incontinence pads:

Which levels of absorbency do exist for incontinence pads?

Manufacturers offer pads with different capacities. Products described as mini or micro can absorb less, while articles called super, plus or extra can absorb more urine. Most brands use a drop system on their packaging for orientation.

What is the difference between an incontinence pad and a large shaped pad?

Incontinence pads are much smaller than large shaped pads. Users can easily put them in their regular underwear, while large shaped pads must be combined with mesh or fixation pants. The big advantage of large shaped pads: They absorb much more urine than the incontinence pads.

What is covered by my insurance?

In Germany: If you´ve got a prescription for incontinence products from a doctor, the insurance usually covers a basic supply with incontinence pads, diapers, large shaped pads, pants and fixation pants. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

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In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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