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Bed Pads (washable)

Washable bed pads to protect your mattress

Reusable bed pads keep urine, feces and blood away from your mattress and sheets sustainably. These washable mats absorb and enclose body fluids and after being put in the washer and dryer these bed pads are ready to be used again, which is the big difference to disposable ones. Using washable pads minimizes the amount of waste you produce – and therefore your ecological footprint.

Washable bed pads are mostly available in the common size of 60 x 90 centimeters – ideal for average mattresses as well as for sofa seats, wheelchairs or padded chairs. In comparison, mattress protectors serve a different purpose and cover the whole bed surface. Products of this category offer a high level of comfort due to their soft materials. Some manufacturers produce them with extra wings for a better fixation.


  • by using washable bed pads instead of disposable ones less waste will be produced
  • protects mattress and bedsheet during the diaper change
  • if used permanently, it prevents urine or feces to leave stains on the mattress or sheets of incontinent people

Who uses washable bed pads?

They make life easier for anyone who…

  • … faces difficulties at night to reach the toilet in time
  • … is bedridden
  • … is short- term incontinent because of an accident or operation
  • … cares for an incontinent relative and want to protect their mattress while changing incontinence products

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