Maternity Pads

Maternity pads

In the six to eight weeks after a woman gave birth, the physical changes of the pregnancy start to disappear. Wounds heal – first and foremost the one that emerges when the placenta detaches from the uterus. Right after birthing this wound is as big as a plate. During the postpartum bleeding, maternity pads are indispensable for women. One difference between those and menstrual or sanitary pads is: They have no plastic incorporated to lower the risk of heat accumulation, which could cause infections. That’s why manufacturers use breathable fleece, filled with cellulose. Maternity pads are also bigger than menstrual pads. They can absorb more liquid.

In regular underwear, there is not enough space to put one or even more maternity pads. That’s why newly mothers need to combine it with fixation or mesh pants. Tampons are a no-go in the time after childbirth. Our advice: To sleep carefree as long as your baby allows you to, you should use an additional bed pad at night.

Who needs maternity pads?

If you recently gave birth, you need these pads – whether you had a natural birth or a c- section.

Our FAQs about maternity pads:

What’s the difference between maternity and menstrual pads?

The biggest difference is that menstrual pads have a plastic layer on their back. Maternity pads don’t contain plastic to avoid heat accumulation and following infection. Also, these products differ in size. Maternity pads are a lot bigger and can absorb more liquid.

How many maternity pads do I need postpartum?

That’s a difficult question to answer. To be safe, you should buy two or three packages with twelve pads each. Even if you end up not using them all. Right after giving birth, mothers need to put several pads at a time in their mesh or fixation pants. When postpartum bleeding decreases, they’ll only need one at a time. While in hospital – in Germany – nurses will provide you with pads, pants and more. How long the bleeding will continue depends on various circumstances. Breastfeeding, for example, can minimize the time as well as a c-section. During the surgery, the doctors remove your placenta, which shortens the time compared to having your body expelling the placenta itself.

Should I use menstrual pads after a cesarean section?

If you recently gave birth by c-section, please don’t use menstrual pads at all. Use maternity pads instead – exactly like the women who deliver vaginally. In both cases, a wound as big as a plate emerges in the uterus. Until it heals, it produces bloody wound secretion.

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