Bodysuits: an alternative to underwear for men and women

Bodysuits are a practical fusion of undershirts and short legged underpants. In the care segment these products can replace fixation pants. They secure large shaped pads close to the body. Men and women equally benefit from these items, as they are mostly produced in a unisex design. Bodysuits for children come in special sizes.

The advantages:

These special bodysuits facilitate work for caregivers, because they can reach certain body parts easier while patients don’t have to undress completely. Another advantage: In contrast to undershirts, bodies cannot slip out of pants, which keeps the patient warm all the time.

Types and special features

Most bodysuits in this category are made of cotton. They are produced either sleeveless, with short or long sleeves. Some are closed with zippers (leg or back), while others must be closed with buttons. Back zippers are placed diagonal across the body to prevent pressure on the spine. Furthermore, these zippers hinder men and women with a tendency to undress themselves from doing so.

Our FAQs about bodysuits

What are adult rompers for?

This special underwear is designed to fixate incontinence products. At the same time the upper part works like an undershirt. Thanks to well-placed zippers and buttons caregivers can replace large shaped pads quickly and wash a person´s genital area without undressing them completely.

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