Drainage bags

Drainage bags – invented to store wound fluids

A drainage diverts secretion and gas away from a wound. A wound drainage bag stores the body fluids. Therefore, some systems use negative pressure, others only take advantage of gravity.

Some examples of drainage types:

  • by using a vacuum bottle, the Redon drainage is designed to suck out secretion and to bring the edges of bigger wounds closer together
  • the ripped plastic tube of the Easy Flow drainage helps to drain secretion of superficial wounds naturally and continuously
  • if due to an accident someone suffers from accumulations of air and fluids around his or her lung, physicians can help the patient by placing a thorax drainage
  • people undergoing a surgery of the bowel or the kidneys may get a Robinson drainage, which works with negative pressure

If somebody suffers from a bigger and more serious injury, it’s important to drain wound fluid away from the damaged tissue. Though the human body itself can deal with a certain amount of pus and accumulated blood, a bigger amount prevents the healing.

In the cases above we are describing external wound drainages. Drainage bags are used for all of them. Additionally, there are also inner drainages. These are placed inside the body during an operation and can for example connect the esophagus with the stomach, in case the natural way is blocked.

Our FAQs about drainage bags:

When do physicians use wound drainage bags?

Drainage systems are used to release pus and blood from wounds. They are also placed when wound pockets appeare. The climate they create is supposed to support the healing of the flesh. Wound drainage bags collect the fluids.

When do I have to replace the drainage bag?

Experts recommend not to change it routinely, because very time you touch the drainage, germs can enter the wound. Instead, the bag should be replaced when it’s full or physicians recommend changing it.

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