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Rollator Walkers

Rollator walkers and walking trolleys

If you walk insecurely and/ or occasionally fall, a rollator walker or a walking trolley could help you to get mobility back. A trolley basically is a walking frame on wheels. A rollator walker on the other hand also offers a cushioned seat with or without a backrest and a brake.

The freedom, that can be gained back with these aids, not only increases the range of motion, but also trains muscles and joints. Besides, this loyal companion can be a huge support in everyday life and can also serve as a shopping cart or a chair. In contrast to crutches or walking frames, a rollator walker never loses ground contact.

Different types of rollator walkers

Generally, in Germany, insurance companies provide their clients with basic walking aids. These rollators made of steel pipes are solid and weight ten kilos on average. As for some users that might be too heavy to push up and down the sidewalk several times a day while not all rollator walkers are foldable, there are other options available as well.

The lightweight rollator: Products made from carbon and aluminum weight a lot less than the ones made from steel. People with little strength can navigate them better.

Foldable rollators are an ideal aid if you only need it for a little while and want to store it later, for example after surgeries. Besides, users can easily put these rollators in the trunk of a car or can take them with them on a bus or train ride. Nowadays, lots of rollators are foldable.

Special indoor rollator walkers are made to use them in flats and houses. Instead of having a seat, most of them offer a tray. They are also designed a lot slimmer than the ones for outdoor purposes. They easily pass every door – even the smaller ones. Thanks to little wheels, indoor rollators are particularly good maneuverable, which is perfect for small rooms and corners.

Rollators for outdoors are more robust than the ones for indoor. Most of the bigger tires are puncture proofed and all of them can deal with off-road terrain. So you can easily handle roots on the sidewalk as well as small potholes.

Heavy duty rollators are built for men and women who are rather heavy or extra-tall. These solid special versions of walking aids with extra-large seats are constructed for people who are more than two meters tall or weight up to 200 kilograms.

What to consider before buying a rollator walker?

The walking aid should correspond to your needs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I only need a rollator for walking outside or inside? If you need it to move around your flat our house, please pay attention at the width of your doors.
  • Does the basic model satisfy my demands?
  • How strong am I and do my hands hurt, so I can only push around a lighter rollator made from carbon or aluminum?
  • Is the model I prefer the right one for my stature? (Memo: When your hands hang loose at the sides of your body, the handles of the rollator should be at the height of your wrists. And you should not have any difficulties to stand up when you sat down on the seat.)
  • Is it enough for me to have some kind of stool while I am resting on my walking aid or do I need a backrest to take a break from walking?
  • Do I want to go shopping with my rollator walker and therefore need a basket?
  • Does the product have to be foldable, because I want to take it with me on trips
  • Do I need a special rollator due to my heavy weight or because of my height?
  • What about extras like a bell, light or cane holder? Do I need those?


Rollator walkers enable people who recently underwent surgery or are impaired because they fell down to move almost without any risk indoor as well as outdoor. For all men and women, elderly like young ones, who do not stand securely on their legs, such walking aid ease everyday life enormously. The rollator supports them and at the same time serves as a chair and a shopping bag on wheels.

Our FAQs about rollator walkers:

What’s the difference between rollator walkers and walking trolleys?

The trolley is a walking frame on wheels. A rollator is characterized by brakes, a cushioned seat, maybe a backrest, a shopping basket and tires, which can deal with little roots and potholes on the sidewalk. Besides, many models are foldable and can easily be stored in the trunk.

Which walking aid is good for inside usage only?

Some people use the same rollator walker inside as well as outside. If it rains, they must clean the wheels of their aid before going inside. Those who want to avoid this problem, can buy an inside model right away. These products maneuver very well, because of their small tires and they are slimmer than rollator walkers for outside usage. Therefore, they can pass usually every door.

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