Care Clothing

Care clothing

The best for all parties involved: In this category of our online shop, you can find products for men and women taking care of others. And we also sell clothes for people in need for care.

Non-surgical gowns are clothes for the staff of hospitals and nursing homes. Besides, they are used in laboratories, in the food industry and cleaning companies. The bodysuits, jumpsuits and patient gowns we offer are made for people in care and residential homes or hospitals.

Advantages of care clothes

Nurses appreciate those clothes, because they are very comfortable and functional. Furthermore, they are resistant, have got useful bags and are washable at high temperatures, which keeps the clothes hygienic.

Garments made for people in need for care must be comfortable to wear too. Due to their design, it is easier for nurses or caring relatives to reach certain body parts to have them washed or to treat a wound. Some products even can fixate incontinence material and hinder for patients with dementia and a tendency to undress themselves from doing so or touching their feces.

What belongs to this category?

In our shop, care clothing includes items for men and women. At Citycare24 you can find patient gowns, bodysuits, and jumpsuits as well as non-surgical gowns.

In case you are searching for clothes for a person facing difficulties to control their bladder or bowel movement, please check out our category incontinence clothing. There we offer swim wear, underwear and so-called rubber-pants.

Our FAQs about care clothing:

What kind of clothes do staff in nursing homes wear?

Caregivers and nurses as well as apprentices and interns in this sector wear casacks and smocks combined with waistband trousers and slip trousers.

Those who undergo surgery in hospitals wear patient gowns and sometimes mesh pants – if you have a c-section, for example. In nursing homes, residents occasionally wear special gowns which overlap at the back and are tied together. People wearing this type of gown (in our shop also called patient gown) don´t have to get undressed completely when nurses wash their body. We also offer special bodysuits and jumpsuits.

In case you couldn't find the product, you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

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