Fixation Pants

Fixation pants and mesh pants for shaped pads

Combined, large shaped pads and fixation or mesh pants are an invincible team. Mesh pants fix the incontinence product´s position. Meanwhile, these special pants are airy which makes them comfortable to wear. As they are very flexible, they fit anyone´s bodyshape and provide a maximum of mobility/flexibility. Some of these pants are produced seamlessly while some are shaped like shorts. Although they look like disposable underwear, most fixation and mesh pants are washable, because they´re usually made of cotton or polyester. Some are washable just a few times by hand and others can be washed at 60 or even 90 degrees (Celsius) in the washing machine which makes them sustainable.

While mesh pants are designed a lot airier than the fixation pants, they are also less durable. None of these unisex garments absorb urine and stool or can halt it, which is the big difference to rubber and PVC pants or incontinence underwear.

Whom are mesh and fixation pants made for?

No matter whether bedridden or mobile, man or woman or the level of incontinence these special pants are the right choice for anyone using large shaped pads. If you want to feel extra secure using large shaped pads, but also be comfortable and discreet it's a good choice to buy mesh or fixation pants.


  • in combination with large shaped pads, these pants are the perfect product for bedridden people as well as mobile ones dealing with incontinence
  • fixation pants and mesh pants are sustainable because they're washable
  • unisex products make it easier to choose
  • the discreet design and the physical fit hide the absorbent incontinence product

Our FAQs about fixation pants:

How many fixation pants do I need?

Simple answer: You need just as many as you would wear regular underwear – usually one per day. Furthermore, you need to take into account how often you use your washing machine. Our advice: It’s always clever to have some spare pants.

What’s the difference between fixation pants and mesh pants?

Mesh pants are made from rather coarse-meshed materials compared to fixation pants, which leads these airier pants to be worn out faster. Also, some of the mesh pants are only washable by hand a few times. Both types of pants have in common that they secure the large shaped pad close to the body, which provides a feeling of perfect protection.

Can I wash my fixation pants?

Yes, you can! The exact washing instructions are to be found on the packaging of the product itself.

What is covered by my insurance?

In Germany: If you´ve got a prescription for incontinence products from a doctor, the insurance usually covers a basic supply with incontinence pads, diapers, large shaped pads, pants and fixation pants. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

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