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Fleece Diapers & Rectangular Pads

Fleece diapers and rectangular pads

Rectangular pads and fleece diapers are characterized by an absorbent fluff filling and usually, these products don’t have an adhesive strip. Items with a water-resistant foil on the back guarantee incontinent people an even better leakage protection. However, most fleece diapers and rectangular pads are produced without any foil, which promotes skin health. Some brands offer endless fleece diapers. These incontinence supplies can be cut as per demand. Combined with mesh pants these items stay right in place.

Whom are those pads and diapers designed for?

Women use these skin- friendly, fleece sheathed products after giving birth. They can also be used as a little cushion for people who need to be bedded softly, and for children with difficulties holding their urine. Besides, these pads and diapers make life easier for mobile adults with a mild bladder weakness or fecal incontinence.

Our FAQs about rectangular pads:

Are fleece diapers and rectangular pads the right choice for me?

If you are dealing with mild up to moderate difficulties holding your urine or stool or if you recently delivered a baby, the answer is: Yes. Also, for children with a weak bladder these products can be useful.

What does my insurance cover?

In Germany: If you´ve got a prescription for incontinence products from a doctor, the insurance usually covers a basic supply with incontinence pads, diapers, large shaped pads, pants and fixation pants. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

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