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Incontinence Swimwear

Enjoy the summer with incontinence swimwear

Summer, sun, beach or the lake belong to each other. Suprima swimwear helps adults and children dealing with incontinence to enjoy this time of year as others do. Shorts and swimsuits of this brand exactly look like regular swimwear. If those products are used correctly and fit its user optimally, according to the manufacturer, the integrated security slips prevent urine or stool from leaking into the water. They fit tight and due to drawstring cuffs on the legs and hips, the swimwear is adjustable to any body shape. The cuffs are designed flat, so they can be hidden easily. Silicone rims hold the slips in place.

Swimsuits for women

A weak pelvic floor can lead to incontinence. However, swimming strengthens the connective muscles and tissues. That’s why women should not let their weak bladder stop them from going to the lakeside or to public outdoor pools. Swimsuits by Suprima are known to be reliable and durable. Integrated security slips are the core component that make those summer garments helpful for anyone dealing with incontinence. Beautiful patterns and skirts hide the slips visually.

Swim shorts for men

Don’t be afraid if the next hiking trip is supposed to end at the shore of a lake. The swim shorts of Suprima got you covered. A security slip prevents feces and urine from leaking into the water. Also, the material dries quickly.

Our FAQs about swimwear

Is incontinence swimwear completely waterproofed?

No, it’s not. According to the manufacturer, there is a small chance of water exchange even if the swimwear fits perfectly and is used in the correct way. But that’s normal and doesn´t affect the hygiene, Suprima assures.

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