Attends Pull-Ons 8 Pants

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  • disposable disposable discreet and elastic trousers for mild bladder weakness
  • with Odour Protection
  • very high wearing comfort

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Product description


Attends Pull-Ons 8

Discreet and elastic disposable trousers for severe bladder weakness

The Attends Pull- Ons 8 incontinence nappy offers hygienic protection for complete bladder emptying. It is easy to use and suitable for everyday use, as it can be put on and taken off like normal underwear.

The breathable material allows air to circulate, which helps to keep the skin healthy, tested and confirmed by proDerm, an institute for dermatological research. The absorbent core technology with active fibres in the absorbent layer ensures a natural, skin-friendly pH value of approx. 4.5.

Furthermore, the Attends Pull Ons 8 incontinence nappy has Quick Dry technology, which works directly underneath the surface of the fleece. It quickly absorbs the urine and directs it away from the skin into the absorbent core. There, the urine is securely bound and enclosed. This protects the skin from rewetting and prevents the development of unpleasant odours. The Attends Pull- Ons 8 incontinence nappy can reliably absorb several liquid pushes and offers optimal leakage protection for this.

The advantages of this product at a glance:
  • Hygienic protection in case of regular loss of fluid and if the toilet is not reached in time.
  • Can be put on and taken off like normal underwear.
  • Very high wearing comfort and skin-friendliness thanks to breathable materials.

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 Attends Pull-Ons 8 S    1172 ml    3    60-90 cm   
 Attends Pull-Ons 8 M    1149 ml    3    80-110 cm   
 Attends Pull-Ons 8 L    1130 ml    3    100-140 cm 
 Attends Pull-Ons 8 XL    1128 ml    3    130-170 cm   

Product information

Manufacturers: Attends
passend für: Unisex

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