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Surface Disinfectants

Surface disinfectant

To avoid the spreading of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, surface disinfectants are indispensable. In hospitals – especially on the neonatal unit or in the OR -, in stationary or home care, but also in kindergartens, the cleaning of surfaces is an everyday task. In those places, it’s especially important to erase infection sources immediately.

When you buy disinfectant for surfaces, you should know which surface can endure which chemicals. Some cleansers, for example, can ruin certain materials. It’s also important that the application time corresponds with your schedule. Most of the products are virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal, but they differ in the way they work and hence it´s important to check the packaging for ingredients and instructions. If the disinfectant is meant to clean a patient’s room or the doctor´s office, for example, products without a scent or a discreet scent should be chosen.

Very important: Don’t use surface disinfectant to clean your hands! This can irritate and even damage your skin. That’s why it’s recommended to wear gloves while cleaning. In our online shop we also offer hand sanitizers.

Different types

Not all surface disinfectants are the same. There are sprays, wiping products and disposable tissues which you can use right away. You can buy all three types in the Citycare24 online shop. Amongst them, we offer one product of our own brand: Simpel. Some disinfectants contain alcohol, so you don’t have to clean with pure water afterwards, while others don’t. While some brands produce concentrated liquids, others are ready to use.

What is surface disinfectant made for?

That kind of cleansers are essential at different places – especially where vulnerable people like elderly, little kids as well as humans and animals with illnesses meet each other. Without surface disinfectants germs and pathogens could survive for months. That’s why they play an important role in cleaning kindergartens, schools, hospitals, for physicians and veterinarians, the food industry and nursing homes. Beside floors, surface disinfectants are used to clean door handles, hand rails, counter tops, examination tables and patients’ beds.

Our FAQs about surface disinfectants:

What’s the difference between disinfectant for surfaces and for hands?

Hand sanitizers have a moisturizing effect. They don’t damage the protective layer of the skin as much. Products for the food industry mostly don’t have any scent. Some surface disinfectants are sold as concentrates, and they normally don’t contain any skin care.

How do I disinfect surfaces correctly?

First, you should put on gloves. If you decided to use disposable tissues, you can start immediately. Press the wet wipes onto the surface and clean it. Please keep in mind that the surface must be exposed to the disinfectant a certain time to efficiently work. Floors stay germ free easier if you use two mops. With the first one you apply disinfectant and with the second you wipe up remaining liquid.

It´s recommended not to put a mop into the water bucket several times as this makes it more likely to spread germs around. Disinfectant sprays are perfect for areas which are not easy to reach. Make sure that you don’t breathe in any of it. It can cause lung irritations.

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