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Shower Stool

Shower stools and chairs

Waterproof, both the stool as well as the chair are auxiliaries to be used in the shower. The difference between them is the backrest which only chairs have, while stools are usually more compact. Both products are available either with or without armrests and/or with and without a cutout/hole to help nursing staff to wash their patients genitals. The detail that all of these items have in common is the individually adjustable height. Rubber feet prevent from slipping neither on dry nor on wet floor. The plastic seat is easy to clean with just a wet cloth or if needed some detergent and disinfecting spray. Little holes in the seating surface allow for a quick draining of the water. In our online shop you can find shower chairs and stools in square shapes with various weight limits. Attention: All products of this category can also be placed in front of a sink to support while washing or brushing teeth, but none of these items can ever be used in a bathtub due the specific bottom of bathtubs which does not offer a safe grip to the stools/ chairs.

Whom are shower stools and chairs made for?

Shower stools and shower chairs can make your everyday life easier if:

  • you feel dizzy under the shower
  • you don’t stand securely in the shower and are afraid of slipping
  • it feels exhausting to shower yourself while standing
  • you have underwent surgery recently
  • you need help with body care

Our FAQs about shower stools:

What is the difference between a stool and a chair for the shower?

Stools don’t occupy as much space in your bathroom as chairs do. But a chair has got a backrest to lean onto while both types of items are available with armrests which depends on the model.

What to consider before buying a shower stool/ chair?

The highest priority should be the weight limit of the desired item which should not be exceeded by the users weight. On this note: The products themselves differ in their weight as well. If for example there is no one living in the household who could lift a six kilo chair that – thanks to its rubber feet – sticks to the ground, a lighter version would be favorable. Furthermore, the size of the shower matters. A big solid shower chair with armrests does not fit in every shower. In case of a rather small shower cabin, a shower stool might be a better option.

In case you couldn't find the product you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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