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Discharging Incontinence

Discharging incontinence products

Discharging aids are the counterpart of the absorbing items and can be used too by people with incontinence. They are invented to redirect urine – often before it leaves the body – and to stop stool. These incontinence products work discreet and prevent odors. They can be divided into invasive and non-invasive articles.

Invasive items

Catheters belong to the invasive products for incontinent people. Once they are placed they drain urine directly from the bladder and discharge it to a bag. Special holders keep these bags attached to a bed or to a human leg. A catheter works almost like a parallel discharging way for body fluids. While Pessaries maintain the main urine route of women open. They support a weak pelvic floor from the inside. Therefore, they push the bladder neck back into its normal position so the organ can work as it used to. Anal tampons work like a block, which hinders feces from leaking. Irrigation prevents uncontrollable avalanches.

Non-invasive discharging products

In this segment of our online shop we offer for example urinal bottles. Additionally, men can find urinal condoms or condom urinals. Through a little hole where the tip urine discharges into a tube which leads to a urine bag.

Our FAQs about discharging incontinence:

What does my insurance cover?

In Germany health insurances usually cover discharging incontinence products listed in the "Hilfsmittelkatalog". Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

In case you couldn't find the product you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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