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Tamponades for wound management

Often a tamponade is used if a wound gets beyond the surface of the skin or even the dermis – for example when a fistula is removed. It keeps the wound cavity open, so it can heal from the inside to the outside. Others are placed in the body to stop hemorrhages – for example after someone’s nasal septum had been corrected. Tamponades absorb wound secretions. Some of these products even contain antiseptics, which prevent infections.

Characteristics of tamponades:

  • It´s a single use product
  • they are known to be very absorbent and therefore they can incorporate wound secretions well
  • some of these medical aids contain ointment and support the healing of the wound even better
  • otolaryngologist, for example, use sterile tamponade bandages and place them in cavities

If you realize that tamponades are not the medical aid you need, please check the other products we offer for wound management. There are, among others, plasters, wound dressings, compresses, swabs, foam and spray dressings, wound irrigation and drainages.

Our FAQs about tamponades:

What do you do with a tamponade?

Physicians use tamponade for wounds to stop the bleeding, for example. They also place these medical aids in wound cavities to support the tissue to heal from the inside to the outside.

When do you have to remove tamponades?

To lower the risk of an infection, the tamponade should be changed at latest every two or three days. In some cases, it’s necessary to visit a doctor to get it changed to have a sterile surrounding, but that depends on the kind of wound and wound management.

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