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Anal Irrigation

Products for anal irrigation

Fecal incontinence can be caused by colonic inertia. If the stool in the intestine is processed too slow and too much water gets extracted from it, it can get very hard. To which the human body reacts with the production of mucus and liquid feces, which can lead to uncontrolled loss of these fluids. This can make adults and children dealing with fecal incontinence feel very uncomfortable. To prevent such events, anal irrigation can be used (if the affected person is old enough and if recommended by a physician).

For colon cleansing, Peristeen, a complete system by Coloplast, or compact single hand pumps can be used.

The bigger system works as follows: Body-warm water enters the rectum via an anal catheter. A little inflatable balloon helps it to stay in place. Thanks to a control unit and a pump water flows into a tube and enters the user’s body, where it stimulates intestinal activity, loosens the stool and finally, the body empties the colon by itself. Afterwards, users ideally don’t have to think about defecation for 48 hours. With this gentle method men and woman can determine again, when and where they want to use the toilet. In between and depending on their form of incontinence or disease, they might use anal tampons.

Who might need a colon cleanse?

This tool for efficient bowel management can be used by people who suffer from constipation or from a fecal incontinence caused by it. Besides, there are also adults and children with neurologic dysfunctions or other problems to empty their bowel.

Our FAQs about anal irrigation:

What is anal irrigation?

This expression describes the cleaning of the colon. For this, water is inserted into the rectum. It stimulates bowel movement and helps the body to defecate by itself. This gentle method doesn’t require any medication.

What’s the advantage of colon cleansing?

By irrigating their bowel, people who have problems to defecate in a natural manner regain the power of making own decision on when to discharge stool. For men and women with fecal incontinence, for example, this minimizes the risk of leaking in inappropriate situations or that stool hardens completely. People who usually spend a lot of time on the toilet can shorten this period. Due to regulated bowel management, they can gain back self-determination and life quality as well as a big amount of self-esteem.

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