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Childrens Incontinence Products

Incontinence products for children

Whether they copy it from bigger kids in kindergarten or from their parents: At some point most toddlers begin to be interested in toilets and want to use them just like other people surrounding them. Usually conscious and unconscious control of the bladder develops between the third and sixth year of one´s life. If the potty training is successful, the next milestone is achieved. Yet not every child reaches the toilet in time – at day or especially at night. So, clothes and beds sometimes get wet. According to the German magazine “Ärzteblatt” (co-owned by the German Medical Association and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) ten percent of seven-year-old children are incontinent at night – those with temporary issues caused by infections excluded. About six percent deal with daytime enuresis. Therefore, we offer a range of products for incontinent children and teenagers between four and 15 years.

The solution for a carefree childhood

Incontinence pants: These products provide the all-around protection of a diaper, but due to their waistband they look like slips. Children wearing these pants can easily pull them down and up independently – just like regular slips.

Diapers: Diapers are not only produced for newborns and toddlers, but also for bigger kids, teenagers and even adults.

Incontinence underwear: This special washable underwear looks exactly like regular underwear, which avoids bullies to attack your child on a school trip or in the locker room. An extra layer prevents urine from leaking. Furthermore, many incontinence slips have a fixing tab, where extra pads can be put in. In some other products a reusable pad is already integrated.

Slips made of PVC: PVC slips are worn above incontinence pants or pads and are sometimes called rubber panties. Anyone dealing with heavy urinary or fecal incontinence can add some extra protection for feel confident in any situation with these products.

Catheter: If medically prescribed, for some immobile children or those who can’t use the toilet normally, catheters are the ideal devices. They drain urine directly from the bladder and transfer it into a special bag.

Klingelhosen: The Klingelhose® from the brand Stero is a therapeutic tool. It’s mostly used at night. Girls and boys that don’t feel the urge to use the bathroom while sleeping, put these special slips on like regular underwear. An alarm wakes them up as soon as the sensors recognize the first drip of urine.

Our FAQs about childrens incontinence products:

What kind of incontinence products do exist for children?

The product range is almost as big as for adults. Besides bed pads other absorbent products like diapers, pants and special underwear can make life easier for incontinent children and their families. They can also be catheterized if its medically prescribed. And the Klingelhose can be a useful tool to help bed wetting children to wake up before emptying their bladder.

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