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Products for Fecal Incontinence

Supplies for anyone with fecal incontinence

Incontinence doesn’t only affect the bladder: Adults and children who lost partly or total control over their bowel movement are considered as incontinent. According to the German Incontinence Association, about five million people in Germany are dealing with incontinence. They unexpectedly pass gas, loose mucus, liquid or solid stool. This can be caused by different reasons: The older someone gets; the less elastic is his or her body tissue. A weak pelvic floor, for example, caused by childbirth, diarrheal diseases or a damaged sphincter muscle can lead to incontinence. Strokes, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease can evoke neurological malfunctions which can cause fecal incontinence as well.

There are a variety of products to make life easier for men and women facing difficulties to control their bowel movement. Using those items allows them to participate in social life, eases the shame and causes self-esteem. Products in this category are large shaped pads in combination with fixation pants, incontinence slips made of PU and PVC, diapers and bed pads. Pants on the other hand are not the ideal product for fecal incontinence, as their core is just able to absorb liquids, but has no ability to deal with soft or firm stool. Furthermore, there are anal tampons and other products for anal irrigation. The latter is invented to empty the bowel before stool leaks unexpectedly.

Bowel incontinence: there are different degrees of severity

Level 1: In physically stressful situations a small amount of stool leaves stains in your underwear and air passes your rectum uncontrolled.

Level 2: Moderate fecal incontinence means gas and liquid stool will be lost unwillingly.

Level 3: Anyone with the highest degree of severity has no control over their bowel whatsoever. They cannot hold back gas or liquids, as well as, solid feces.

Our FAQs about fecal incontinence products

What is the definition of fecal incontinence?

People suffering from this kind of incontinence are unable to manage their bowel movement. Gas passes, mucus, liquid, soft or solid stool leaks from the rectum. Men and women with a fecal incontinence can also have problems to control their bladder at the same time.

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