Bed Pads (disposable)

A pad to protect your bed

The bed pad is a real allrounder. A disposable article which protects the mattresses and sheets of bedridden people from urine, feces and blood. Nursing staff and anyone who takes care of their relatives use bed pads when they change diapers. Furthermore, they can be placed on car seats, wheel chairs or lounge seats if needed. A non-slippery and waterproof rear side stops any fluids from passing through that the absorbent cellulose core can not enclose. For anyone who uses washable bed pads at home, the disposable ones are a practical alternative for vacations.

The disposable pads are mostly available in the size: 60 x 90 centimetres – large enough for the center of a human body and wide enough for an average mattress. Delivered folded, the product can stowed away easily, but is also ready to be used quickly.

Are disposable bed pads the perfect match for you?

If you have underwent surgery recently and are temporarily incontinent, these pads are ideal to protect your sheets and mattress. In nursing homes these bed pads are used as well, while on vacation they are a good alternative to washable products which you´d have to carry home in your suitcase afterwards.


  • protects mattresses and sheets of temporarily or permanently incontinent adults and children – day and night
  • helpful while changing diapers
  • the bed pad is quickly ready to use thanks to its size
  • can replace a washable bed pads on vacation

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