Adult Bibs & Clothing Protectors

Bibs for adults: accident-free through all dishes

It's annoying if something goes wrong during a meal - at least if it leaves unsightly stains on clothing. Bibs prevent this. Older people, in particular, are not as good at visual-motor coordination as they once were. That's why these little helpers are very popular in care settings, as they prevent the wearer from having to change clothes straight away - or having to be changed. Letting their residents put on a bib at mealtimes saves nursing home staff valuable time.

The products, which can be used once or several times, are available in various materials. Terry cloth, polyester, PVC or tear-resistant cellulose with a coating are particularly popular. Depending on their composition, they either absorb liquids or allow them to roll off. If the latter is the case, the bibs usually have a collection pocket.

Disposable bibs usually provide a single hygienic barrier between food and clothing. Reusable items can be washed or rinsed many times, depending on the material. Regardless of whether it is short or long, has arms or no arms: a bib for adults is always larger than a bib for babies or toddlers. However, the products are similar when it comes to fastening. Even when it comes to clothing protection for adults, there are those that can be tied and those with press studs or velcro fasteners.

Who are bibs for?

The products that we offer in our online store are designed for adults who have difficulty eating without spilling or dropping something. They are suitable for senior citizens who need to be fed as well as for people with disabilities such as unsteady eating or have a tremor, for example.

Citycare24 also offers special senior cutlery and sippy cups for people who have difficulty gripping knives, forks, cups and glasses properly.

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