Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive Bandages – essential for medicine cabinets and first aid kits

One wrong movement and there it is: the razor blade cut, the abrasion on the knee because it hit the ground of the tennis court and the halved fingertip caused by the new Japanese kitchen knife. When a small incident like this happens, disinfection spray and adhesive bandages protect the wounded tissue from dust and other kind of dirt so that the healing can start right away.

That’s why every household should store a set of bandages in its medicine cabinet at best. Cuttable products work good as well. Medical tapes are also practical, but have to be combined with wound dressings like compresses and are therefore not usable for every purpose.

Special features of bandages

Different injuries require different treatments. That’s why beside normal bandages there are products with special features. You can, for example, buy waterproof and water-resistant items. For people with very sensitive skin there are special products as well. Due to its colorful design, children bandages can help to ease the pain of injuries, while someone who went through surgery need sterile bandages.

In this category of the Citycare24 online shop you’ll also find spray bandages. They coat the wounded flesh with a thin layer. Spray bandages are more flexible than normal adhesive ones, but they do not buffer impacts like for example padded plasters.

Our FAQs about adhesive bandages:

Which wound is well managed with bandages?

Little injuries which don’t ooze too much, can perfectly be managed with adhesive bandages. For bleeding and in general big wounds they are not the right solution. If you suffer from a big or deep wound, you should work with a (pressure) dressing or bandage –in cases like this please consult with your physician.

How often do I have to replace a bandage?

Experts recommend changing an adhesive bandage at least once a day. If your dressing material gets wet under the shower or it gets dirty while you work in the garden, you should change it right away.

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