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Shaped Pads

Large shaped pads for women and men

If you´re relying on highly absorbent products in everyday life, large shaped pads are the right choice! Even people dealing with heavy fecal and urinary incontinence benefit from products like these and achieve a better life quality by using them. Citycare24 sells rectangular large shaped pads, curved ones, special pads for men, as well as, slim or extra-big products. Due to the variety of large shaped pads being so wide, there is a matching product for everybody. In comparison to the much smaller incontinence pad, the large shaped pad offers a higher level of absorbency. However, these products must be worn combined with special elastic slips: mesh or fixation pants, which is why it’s also called two-piece system. (For your information: We also offer belted pads: large shaped pads with a hip- belt.)

The fixation pants hold the large shaped pads in place, so it doesn’t attract any attention under the cloths. These pads don’t have any adhesive strips. The surface is mostly made of breathable fleece which prevents heat accumulation. It quickly transfers liquids to the inside where the core absorbs them and there it’s transformed into a gel which encloses odors. For an optimal leakage protection some products have a foiled back-side.

Advantages of large shaped pads:

  • they can absorb more liquid than incontinence pads
  • the items can improve life quality of incontinent people
  • in comparison to diapers, pants and shaped pads with belts mobile men and women can replace the two-piece system – shaped pad and fixation pants – quicker
  • thanks to the mesh pants more air can circulate, and heat accumulation is prevented

Whom are large shaped pads made for?

Anyone already using large shaped pads will be pleased by the vast options the Citycare24 online shop offers, as well as those using incontinence pads up until now and who are looking for an option with a higher level of absorbency for a better protection. The products available in our online shop are made for adults with light and moderate incontinence up to severe bowel or bladder weakness. Many of them have special features like extra leakage barriers, being soundless while being worn, or an anatomical shape, as well as, being suitable for anyone overweight.

Our FAQs about shaped pads:

Which large shaped pad to use for a weak bladder?

Citycare24 offers large shaped pads from several different brands and most brands divide their product range in different sizes and levels of absorption. Furthermore, large shaped pads differ in their size of the rear part and type of their additional leakage barriers.

What’s the difference between incontinence pads and large shaped pads?

Large shaped pads are more powerful than incontinence pads, but also a lot bulkier, which is why this bigger product is a better supply for anyone dealing with moderate or heavy difficulties to control their bowel or bladder. The smaller pads are a good choice for people with less severe symptoms. Small pads are held by an adhesive strip, while for using large shaped pads you must combine them with mesh or fixation pants.

What does my insurance cover?

In Germany: If you’ve got a prescription for incontinence products from a doctor, the insurance usually pays for a basic supply with incontinence pads, diapers, large shaped pads, pants and fixation pants. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

In case you couldn't find the product you were looking for or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team looks forward to hearing from you.

In case you are ordering from abroad (outside of Germany) you’ll find information about postage rates here.

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