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Jumpsuits for women and men

Cozy meets practical: Jumpsuits for adults being cared of are usually cut wide, which makes them comfortable to wear. At the same time a jumpsuit enables nurses to quickly change a diaper or other incontinence materials. Products like these also makes it easier to wash, especially physically impaired, men and woman. Since the patient doesn´t need to get completely undressed, it saves time, which is important in nursing homes. Diagonal back zippers prevent pressure points on the spine. Furthermore, these zippers hinder men and women, for example, with dementia or a tendency to undress themselves from doing so. Beside hygienic advantages a jumpsuit also protects users from cooling down. Jumpsuits belong to the category of outerwear, which distinguishes them from rompers.

What are the advantages of jumpsuits:

  • these practical garments make it easier for nurses to care for anyone bedridden or with disabilities
  • they are comfortable to wear and allow a certain mobility
  • anyone who needs to be washed or to get a new diaper doesn’t have to undress completely
  • jumpsuits are available in different designs
  • an integrated zipper lock prevents from undressing themselves

Types and special features

Whether as a pajama, lounge wear or just as a practical onesie: We offer jumpsuits in different designs, colors and versions. Most products by brands like Suprima are produced in unisex design and are therefore made for women as well as for men. Some items even cover the feet. You can choose from jumpsuits with leg zippers, ones with back zippers or a combination (leg and back zipper). Most of the products in our online shop are made of cotton and have long sleeves and legs, but there are also a few items with short legs and sleeves. Those are ideal for summer days. Some special overalls are made of tear-resistant material.

Our FAQs about jumpsuits

What´s the purpose of jumpsuits for adults in need of care?

This garment simplifies the caring routines for caretakers. The practical onesie enables nursing staff to reach the body of the person they take care of and, for example, to wash them quickly. The zippers are placed strategically well. By using this type of jumpsuit, users don’t have to undress completely when it’s time for a new diaper. In contrast to bodies, overalls usually are cut wider and don’t fit tight.

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