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Urinal Bottles

Urinal bottles

Made of plastic, glass or stainless steel this devise enables bedridden people or anyone who cannot leave their bed in time to urinate right where they are. Absorbent or discharging incontinence products are not necessary when using this device. Especially at night this is practical – for affected users as well as nursing staff. To use the urinal bottle, men put their penis into the bottleneck and women press their vulva on the specially designed funnel top.

Due to the capacity of one liter of most bottles, they can be used several times until they need to be drained. After usage, thanks to a lid and a holder, the urine bottle waits perfectly secured without leaking odors to be used again.

Whom are urine bottles made for?

Urine bottles are often used in nursing homes and hospitals. Most users can control their bladder but are not able to reach the toilet in time. Besides anyone with medical needs for this product, there are other users with special interests in the advantages of this item: men and women who sail, who work in a crane, truckers or anyone partying at a festival and trying to avoid mobile toilets.

Our FAQs about urinal bottles:

How to clean the urine bottle?

The urine bottle should be cleaned regularly with a bottle brush and detergent. We recommend buying a urine bottle set right away. Afterwards please sanitize the bottle with skin-friendly disinfectant. To just clean it brief and quick it can also just be rinsed with water. All urine bottles are heat-resistant up to 60 or even 130 degrees for sterilization purposes.

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