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Anal Tampons

Anal tampons – a small product with a big impact

Anal tampons support people dealing with fecal incontinence. Adults as well as children can rectally insert this aid. It prevents stool and gases from leaking uncontrolled. The tampon blocks the anus for several hours and therefore helps its user participating in normal life and being part of the society. Some products are inserted with an applicator, while others are placed by using the finger.

Suppositories and plugs

Those products made of synthetic material do not only have different shapes to meet a variety of anatomic requirements. They come in several different versions. Some anal tampons are inserted like suppositories and – if necessary – with lubricant gel. The thin layer which covers for example the Peresteen tampons by Coloplast, disintegrate in the humid and warm climate of the bowel. In the following the foam tampon unfolds and its pores suck slightly tight. Other products must be soaked in water, be squeezed and will be placed afterwards. After usage, a string helps users to discharge the tampon. In addition, there are bowel inserts like the ones we offer by Renew. The so-called plugs are made of silicon and do not change their shape during their usage.

Our FAQs about anal tampons:

How do I dispose used anal tampons?

The products made of foam and silicone should be disposed into the bin for household waste. If flushed down the toilet, the open pores might make it float or the tampon might clog your pipes.

Is an anal tampon the right choice for everybody dealing with bowel weakness?

This product helps men and women, boys and girls, who have problems to hold back solid stool. If you suffer from diarrhea, tampons reach their limits pretty quick. And some are not even recommended for fluid feces. Furthermore, hemorrhoids, a narrow anal canal and other circumstances can make it impossible for some people to use those special tampons. Please consult with your physician before using the so-called anal tamponades.

What does my insurance cover?

In Germany, anal tampons are listed in the “Hilfsmittelverzeichnis“. The insurances usually pay for those kinds of products. Apart from the statutory co-payments, you don’t have to spend any money.

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