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Hip Protectors

Hip protectors for more safety and mobility

Due to a decreasing response capacity and agility, elderly people tend to fall more often. In a worst-case scenario, a bone like the femur breaks and a long process of recovery starts. After recovery the patient usually has less strength and a vicious circle starts: Where muscles are missing, walking seems more difficult and accidents happen more often.

To mitigate the impact of accidents, people wear hip protectors. These items are washable, an integral part of special slips and belts or can be placed in sewn-in pockets. They are made of skin friendly materials. Hard or soft pads can protect the bones in case of a fall. Hard products work like crash helmets and can derive energy, soft ones can absorb it. There are protector slips with snaps/snap fasteners and some with a hole where the genitals are. Both makes going to the bathroom easier. In this category you’ll find slips for men and women as well as unisex products.

Note: You can also increase your walking stability by using a rollator walker.

Our FAQs about hip protectors:

Why should I wear hip protectors?

The pelvis is the pivotal point of the human body. If you notice that your walking abilities are not as good as they used to be, and you have a higher risk of falling, you should start to protect your bones immediately. Most senior citizens need a lot of time to recover once their femur is broken. Hard or soft hip protectors derive or absorb the energy of a fall. Because of their features, these items are especially popular in nursing homes. Also, people recovering from a hip fracture can minimize their fear of falling by using protectors.

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