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Every product counts - please join our relief action.

Together for Ukraine

Medical relief transports to support those in need of care

Dear customer,

We are deeply saddened by the recent events in the Ukraine. Million of people suffer from devastating bomb attacks on their country. Let us help all together!

In line with our field of activity, we want to provide some particular support to adults in the conflict area who are in need of care. Citycare24 GmbH is the leading online retailer for medical aid with a focus on incontinence and hence we are close to the source of those utilities which are urgently needed by these in need of care.

For a recent Ukraine donation campaign we contributed together with other international producers and provided several pallets of utilities, such as FFP2 masks, bed pads, disinfectant, toilet paper as well as baby and adult diapers. However, we believe we can do more.

Help now – very simply:

1) Add a marked support product to your cart. You can recognize these articles on the Ukraine flag in the picture and the remark *Product for Ukraine* in the title.

2) Confirm your order. We ship the order as usual – the bought support product will however stay at our warehouse and will be shipped with the next relief transport to the University Medical Center of Iwano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine, where it is urgently needed.

3) You will receive an e-mail as soon as the article leaves our warehouse.

Donation campaign for adults in need of care

It is very important that medical aid is not packed together with other products as the sorting could otherwise be troublesome. In order to simplify this process for the helpers in the conflict area, we specifically combine products for adults in need of care. For that purpose, we ask for your support as together we can achieve even more.

Your support arrives where it is needed the most

We are no experts in humanitarian crisis, but we have contact partners on the ground. Furthermore, due to our strong logistics network, we take care of the entire transport arrangements. Your support will therefore arrive, where the people need it urgently now.

The target is to collect as many items as possible and to combine them in one consolidation. You can support this initiative directly on our website. Collections include: bed pads, gloves, diapers, shaped pads, pants, compresses, fleece, respirator masks, walkers, toilet chairs, desinfectant and many more. Due to our cooperation with international producers, such as the Essity Gbmh (Tena), we can offer these articles for special prices. Every article counts.

The pictures above were taken during our company-internal donation campaign.

We appreciate your help in this matter!

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