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29.09.2017 11:56

Stiftung Warentest - The best way to stay "dry"

In Germany alone, over 8 million people suffer from blistering.
However, it is not just seniors who are usually associated with this topic. A huge number of people with mobility restrictions as well as young people have involuntary loss of urine.
Together we find the right solution for your personal situation -incontinence pads, pads, briefs and even diapers can help to deal with incontinence in everyday life.

The best incontinence articles according to Foundation Warentest
The test institute in Berlin writes in the issue 3/2017 of its magazine "test" that the most reliable helpers are the branded products because "they prove in all three product groups that many sufferers come dry and comfortably through day and night".

Tena Pants Plus L
- Testers praise the wearing comfort and ease of use; they have a safe feeling when wearing the pants. Due to the triple protection of the Tena Pants Plus L, nothing can happen to you. It has the unique dual absorption zone for maximum dryness and protection. The integrated exit barriers provide additional security.

Tena Slip Super L & Comfort Extra
- The two pants have extra wide velcro and adhesive closures for a comfortable fit. A highly absorbent core ensures high leak protection. Tena Slip with ConfioAir is completely respiratory active, dermatologically tested and ensures healthy skin.

Hartmann MoliCare Premium Slip Super plus Size L
- The slip provides a secure feeling and high wearing comfort and lasts for hours. With the judgment "Gut", the high-absorption panties concluded in the test.

Hartmann MoliForm Premium extra soft
- The testers praised the prize and were delighted with the easy handling of the insert.

Hartmann MoliCare Mobile
- Incontinence pants are particularly suitable for patients who often refuse other aids. But also, active people use these products because they are very discreet and easy to wear. They can be worn like underwear and can be easily removed by tearing open the side seam.

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